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Knowledgeable Child Custody Lawyer Based In The Woodlands

At Hanna Law Firm, PLLC, child custody representation begins by talking to the parent about their family and goals. Each family is different, and parents want different things. While they all want what is best for their children, parents often disagree about what that means — especially when they are going through a heated legal dispute.

The focus at Hanna Law Firm, PLLC is on easing clients through child custody conflicts by protecting their best interests and the best interests of their children. Ms. Hanna helps establish custody agreements and parenting plans as part of divorce or paternity proceedings. She also guides her clients through the modification of existing court orders, taking action when an existing order no longer suits your needs or when a parent refuses to follow the order. No matter what, the firm's goal is to reduce the negative impact of divorce or paternity disputes on children as much as possible.

Custody, Visitation And A Collaborative Approach

Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the firm serves parents and families throughout the northern Houston metro and Montgomery County. To reduce emotional trauma, Ms. Hanna often uses collaborative law methods, including mediation and negotiation of parenting plans.

Statistics show that parents who negotiate their own parenting plans are often more satisfied with them than parents who leave their "visitation rights" to a judge's discretion. Because they are more satisfied, they are more likely to follow the set schedule and less likely to come back to court to resolve further disputes.

Of course, there are times when collaborative law approaches are not appropriate. These may include situations in which there are allegations of domestic violence, or in which a parent is dishonest or hostile.  Ms. Hanna does not hesitate to take forceful action when litigation is required, and she will fight hard to protect your relationship with your children.

Talk With A Lawyer. Get The Help You Need.

If you need legal help with matters of child custody or visitation, talk with an attorney as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our firm for a free initial consultation. Call 936-206-7488 or toll free at 800-654-7854. You may also complete our online contact form.

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