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Collaborative Divorce With Guidance From A Lawyer In The Woodlands

Many couples want to end their marriages and resolve related issues without going to court. Luckily, they have options. At her Houston area law firm, lawyer Jan McDonald Hanna often works with clients to explore alternatives to traditional litigation. As a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas and a trained collaborative law attorney, Ms. Hanna can guide clients through the divorce process using alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law methods.

There is a set statutory process for resolving family matters through collaborative law. Ms. Hanna follows this process, which requires that our clients disengage from litigation. When you contact the office, we can explain the process, helping you understand what your experience might be like.

Collaborative law may be the right choice in your contested or uncontested divorce. There are many advantages to collaborative law methods, including:

  • Collaborative divorce can be more peaceful than traditional litigation.
  • Couples have more power over the decisions they make.
  • Statistics show that couples are more likely to report satisfaction with decisions they make collaboratively.
  • Spouses have access to expert guidance in financial and parenting matters.
  • Parents preserve their relationships with their children, reducing the emotional tension divorce can put on the family.
  • Collaborative divorce puts families in a good position to move forward with their lives.

Each situation is different. While there are many benefits to collaborative law, it is not right for everyone. When collaborative law and mediation are not the best approach, Ms. Hanna takes forceful action and pursues resolution through litigation in Texas courts. Using years of experience, she is a true advocate for her clients. Ms. Hanna does everything possible within the bounds of the law to protect their interests and their futures.

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To find out the best approach for resolving matters outside of the courtroom, please talk with us about collaborative law. Call our The Woodlands, Texas, law firm at 936-206-7488 or toll free at 800-654-7854. You may also complete our online contact form. Consultations are confidential.

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