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Attorney For Property Division In The Woodlands

Texas is a community property state. Our state's law says that spouses jointly own the assets and debts that they acquire during their marriages (with a few limited exceptions). When they divorce, they typically split their assets and debts in half.

Division of assets is easier said than done. Often, property determinations are complicated. Spouses may be unsure of the true extent of their assets. This can happen when one spouse managed all financial matters during the marriage. Sometimes, that spouse has hidden assets from the other spouse or refuses to openly and honestly disclose all assets.

Assets can be further complicated when they were used to acquire other assets. For example, many people buy houses or condos before they marry. After the marriage, they sell their existing homes and buy a larger family home. Over time, the larger family home may increase in value.

So, what property belongs to the couple and should be split? What property belongs to the individuals? This determination can be difficult to make. Our founding attorney Jan Hanna has the in-depth knowledge to explain how courts may apply Texas law in your situation. When necessary, the firm can partner with knowledgeable financial experts who can help discover assets and formulate a fair property agreement.

When A Spouse Is Wasting Money

Ms. Hanna has experience handling divorce cases in which one spouse must be stopped from wasting community assets. In these difficult matters, the spouse may be spending down a couple's assets through excessive use of alcohol, drug addiction or gambling.

Wasting assets is a serious situation that requires quick and effective action; each day without action means more money lost. The firm acts quickly, using proven strategies to protect the property interests of affected spouses.

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